Family Involvement Team

With representatives from each class at Dummerston School, the Family Involvement Team supports family engagement and a strong connection between home and Dummerston School. You are also welcome to join this team at any time. We meet on the first Thursday of each month at 5pm in the 4th-grade classroom. Some projects this team have coordinated or supported include:

What’s the difference between the Dummerston Leadership Council and the Family Involvement Team? The graphic below illustrates the differences, as well as the relationship between, these two teams–and how they function within the larger context of Dummerston School.

Please scroll down to see the list of representatives from each class. We encourage you to reach out to your class representative with any questions or just to say hello!

PreK - Jasmine Bernier 

Kindergarten - Emily McFadden and Margaret Shugart

Grade 1 - Ashley Palmiter

Grade 2 - Julianne Giordano

Grade 3 - Jessica Nelson

Grade 4 - Cara Meinke

Grade 5 - Rich Cogliano

Grade 6 - Stephanie Bonin

Grade 7 - We need a representative! E-mail Julianne at

Grade 8 - We need a representative! E-mail Julianne at