May is Dummerston School Arts Month!

Celebrating creative pieces from Dummerston Wildcats, grades preK-8th. #dummerstonschoolartsmonth

Dummerston Arts Month Gallery

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Dear Dummerton School Families,

As I write this message to you, we have just marked two months physically separated from each other as a school community. While families, staff, and students continue to adjust to new and evolving routines, the feeling of simply missing each other is ever present. Thank you for all you have done to keep us connected throughout our separation. All of us at Dummerston School look forward to the day when we can learn together in the beautiful classrooms, fields, and forest of Dummerston School.

Below, please find a few updates for your review:

Parent Forums:

Our PreK-8 parent forum this week will take place on Thursday, May 21, at 4pm. I will send a Zoom invite out for this forum on the morning of the 21st. Our topic will be strategies for teaching safe hygiene practices to children in the context of social distancing.

End-of-year Celebrations:

As I mentioned last week, Agency of Education guidelines will prevent us from holding our traditional 8th-grade graduation. However, plans are underway to celebrate our 8th graders in a way that will be memorable and special for each student. On June 12th, Dummerston School will host a parade for our 8th graders and virtually honor each student in an online format. In order to discuss graduation plans further, I will meet with 8th graders during their 1pm Wednesday class meeting this week and also will host a Zoom meeting with all 8th-grade parents on Thursday, May 21st, at 6pm. Please look for a Zoom invite to this special meeting on Thursday morning.

Retrieving personal items from school/returning school property:

Early next month, I will post a schedule for families to come to school to pick up any items their child may have left at school and to return school property. At your scheduled time, you will be able to pull up to our front door where school staff will assist you in returning and picking up items in a safe manner.

Dummerston School Arts Month and Art Re-creation Challenge:

May is Dummerston School Arts Month, a chance for us to celebrate the creativity and originality of Dummerston School students and staff. Check out our website and Facebook page, and keep the artwork coming!

The school leadership ASSET team would also like to invite you to submit your own re-creations of famous art work for a contest! In an effort to support the local co-ops and families, we would like to offer gift cards for the third, second, and first place winners. The winners will be announced at the end of May.

Submitting is simple. Here is what you need to do…

1. Choose a famous photo, there are so many! You can choose a photo, painting, sculpture, or landmark, such as the Coliseum. Please note that there are many famous pieces that show explicit content and nudity. Please use discretion and only choose photos that are appropriate for a school setting. See below for examples!

2. Find ideas for props and how you are going to recreate the same images in a new way.

3. Get dressed up, get your props, family members, and possibly your pets ready...snap a photo!

4. Email both the original photo and your re-creation to

5. Include the artist's full name and the name of the original piece.

Eighth-grade students and families, I look forward to meeting with you this week. Everyone, let’s keep learning about the world, ourselves, and each other. While we are physically apart, let’s stay connected.

Sincerely yours,


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May is Dummerston Student Art Month--Read Ms. Harvey-Bandish's Letter

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