Dummerston School has partnerships with a number of Preschools and Daycare providers in the area. These partnerships allow access to funds for preschool certification, professional development and tuition incentives for parents. Please download registration information and application below. If you have more questions about preschool partnerships with Dummerston School, you can call Janice Stockman, our Early Childhood Coordinator at 802-254-3755.

Pre-K Notice

The Windham Southeast Supervisory Union supports publicly funded pre-kindergarten education for children between the ages of 3 and 5 who reside in the towns of Brattleboro, Dummerston, Guilford, Putney, and Vernon.

What is publicly funded pre-kindergarten? Publicly-funded pre-k education (pre-k) is early education for 3, 4 and 5-year olds not yet in kindergarten, designed to provide young children with 10 hours a week of developmentally appropriate early learning experiences based on Vermont’s Early Learning Standards. In the 2015-16 school year, 182 children in the WSESU towns used public pre-k funding in 18 different preschools that have partnership contracts with a WSESU school district.

Who is eligible for publicly funded pre-k? Children are eligible for the funding if they reside in the towns of Brattleboro, Dummerston, Guilford, Putney, and Vernon; are three years old by September 1, 2017; and are enrolled in a prequalified partner preschool for at least 10 hours per week.

Where are the publicly-funded prequalified pre-k programs? The towns of WSESU partner with community-based early childhood programs that are prequalified by the Agency of Education and meet specific high-quality standards: they have a licensed early childhood teacher; they are accredited by NAEYC or in the STARS system and have four or five stars, and they follow the Vermont Early Learning Standards.

Pending approval from AOE, the following programs are partners with WSESU town school districts:

Brattleboro Nursery School | Mulberry Bush Early Learning Center | West Bee Nursery School | Hilltop Montessori School Neighborhood Schoolhouse | Vernon Preschool | Meeting House School | Sunflower Farm Preschool | Winston Prouty Center HoriZinn Early Learning | Brattleboro Centre for Children | The Grammar School | Kids in the Country | Saxton’s River Montessori School | Miss Martha’s Creative Learning | The Little Red House | The Garland School | Timson Hill Preschool |

How does the funding work? $3092 per child is allocated for ten hours of pre-k education per year, paid by the school district directly to the preschool to offset your tuition. Since most children attend preschool or child care for more than ten hours a week, parents are responsible for paying their child’s tuition for anything over the ten hours a week of pre-kindergarten education. Putney Central School has a preschool for Putney residents only. There is no charge for this preschool. Applications for Putney Central’s preschool are available by calling the school, 387-5521.

How do I apply? Registration forms are available at the preschools listed above, on the WSESU Website, at the WSESU Central Office located at 53 Green Street in Brattleboro, Vermont, or the Essential Early Education Office located at 98 Estey Street in Brattleboro. You may also contact Janice Stockman, our Essential Early Education Coordinator at 802-254-3755 for an application.