Where to find online ebooks and audiobooks


  • Customizable collection of fiction and nonfiction ebooks, educational articles, educational videos, and Read-to-me ebooks. AGN-3709

Project Gutenberg

  • Works that are in the public domain

  • Audiobooks read by computerized or human voice

  • Over 50,000 free ebooks to download


  • Extensive collection of audio books from the public domain read by real people

Internet Archive

  • Lots of media types in addition to ebooks, such as video, music, animation, movies, TV news, etc.

  • Includes Open Library


  • Download free ibooks app from app store

  • Some free ebooks, not all in the public domain

  • Lots more to purchase--You may sample before buying

DUMMERSTON Follett Shelf

Open Library

  • Over 1,000,000 e-books, mostly in the public domain, plus a lending library of 200,000 newer books (1 person at a time)


  • E-books and audiobooks for identified students only

  • You may also get textbooks, virtually any book

  • Must go through Special Education Department

International Children's Digital Libary

  • Browse digital books from around the world by age, genre, book length, character types, even the color of a book's cover.

  • Many languages available

Vermont Online Library


Free, searchable library of magazines, journals, newspapers, databases, and ebooks.

Google Books

  • Database mainly to help you find a book that you can then

a) purchase,

b) locate in a library, or

c) download if it's available as a Google e-book